April 2018

Tom Ignatzi is a true professional; knowledgeable, genuine and attentive. Tom made the refinancing of our mortgage a seamless and enjoyable process where we didn’t feel like a faceless customer being handled by a large bank. We sought Tom’s help after feeling frustrated with our current mortgage provider and he responded to every goal that we laid out. We wanted to learn and be more critical customers in shopping for new mortgage provider. We wanted to work with an individual who knew us on a more personal level and truly worked for us in creating a plan that would “attack” our mortgage with purpose and efficiency. Tom answered all of these goals beyond our expectations and made himself available to us throughout the entire process. Phone calls and emails were always answered promptly and thoroughly and we so appreciated Tom’s authentic way that he both worked and communicated with us. We would highly recommend Tom for both his expertise and personable manner; it was a pleasure.
Thank you again, Tom. We mean every word from the above testimony and can’t say enough how much we appreciated all your hard work and drive.
All the best,
Brandy & Justin
Kelowna, BC
April 2018
Two years ago my husband and I contacted Tom to explore mortgage options, however our financial institution used pressure-sales tactics and we got scared we'd lose out on a “great deal” so we signed the dotted line before we even met with Tom. 
Now with interest rates on the rise we were not very thrilled when we read over our renewal options. We contacted Tom again and he assured us he could help find a solution. Of course we were both a little nervous to switch lenders as we had both been with our current lender our entire banking lives! But Tom was very clear that we were just exploring options and if we still preferred to stick with our original lender, then no harm done. 
I was also a little worried about getting in all the necessary documents etc especially since my computer was out of commission. I almost called the whole thing off (again!). But Tom reassured me he would make it as easy and simple as possible. He even showed me how to properly upload all of my documents with my phone. It was actually really easy and we never once felt rushed or pressured. He was always available to answer our questions. 
In the end, Tom found a lender who had better rates and payment options which are going to save us upwards of 30k over 5 years as opposed to sticking with our original lender. No brainer. And I don’t feel bad about switching lenders at all. If we were such a good customers, we should have been offered their best rates to start with.
We would recommend Tom to anyone starting or renewing a mortgage… don’t get scared off! The procedure was painless and you’ll get only the best options and excellent advice. Actually what I am happiest about this whole experience is that I am left with an advisor(Tom) who I can trust and get in touch with at any time. 
Thanks Tom!
Shawna & Kyle
Kelowna BC


July 2015

“If you want expert mortgage advice, then you need to contact Tom Ignatzi.

I recently refinanced my mortgage with Tom.  He took the time to understand my overall financial picture and came up with a mortgage solution that encompassed my financial goals. 

Tom was able to get me the best mortgage rate, better than I expected through his wide network of mortgage lenders. Having over 30 years of experience in consumer lending gave me the confidence and trust to know that Tom acted in my best interests, truly a rarity today.

I highly recommend Tom Ignatzi for any mortgage financing.”


Surrey, BC

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